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The Unseen Realm (Film)
Rebellion in God’s council. Spirits of dead giants. Rival gods creating chaos. These are the things of myth and fairy tales, right? The Bible tells a different story. In the documentary The Unseen Realm, a light is cast on the strange and enigmatic plane of the supernatural that lies within the pages of Scripture. And what we discover are two distinct worlds—with vastly different inhabitants—created and ruled by one loving triune God.
Angels Series
Forget the halos. Ditch the harps. Pop culture and church tradition have a lot to say about angels. And most of it is dead wrong. In this follow-up to the myth-busting documentary The Unseen Realm, Dr. Michael S. Heiser dispels common legends and tall tales about God’s heavenly host. In the process, he reveals that God has invited his own people to play a role in his divine council, a profound truth that will impact your everyday life. Watch this series, and you’ll never read your Bible the same way again.
Fragments of Truth
Our faith is based on the New Testament—but can we really trust the Bible? Skeptics say no, arguing that the Gospel manuscripts have been doctored to push a theological agenda. In this new Faithlife original film, Dr. Craig Evans takes this claim head-on, traveling the globe to track down the most ancient New Testament manuscripts. Along the way, he highlights groundbreaking new evidence, demonstrating that the case for the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is stronger than ever.
Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness
What does the Bible really tell us about the powers of darkness? In 'Demons,' Michael Heiser debunks popular presuppositions about the very real powers of darkness. Rather than traditions, stories, speculations, or myths, 'Demons' is grounded in what ancient people of both the Old and New Testament eras believed about evil spiritual forces and in what the Bible actually says. You’ll come away with a sound, biblical understanding of demons, supernatural rebellion, evil spirits, and spiritual warfare.