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Our faith is based on the New Testament—but can we really trust the Bible? Skeptics say no, arguing that the Gospel manuscripts have been doctored to push a theological agenda.

In this new Faithlife original film, Dr. Craig Evans takes this claim head-on, traveling the globe to track down the most ancient New Testament manuscripts. Along the way, he highlights groundbreaking new evidence, demonstrating that the case for the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts is stronger than ever.

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About the Cast and Crew

Dr. Craig Evans, presenter, is a popular teacher and renowned scholar of the Gospels, the historical Jesus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and New Testament archaeology. He regularly participates in archaeological digs in the Holy Land and starred in the Faithlife original documentary, Archaeology + Jesus.

Reuben Evans, director, is the executive producer of Faithlife TV/Faithlife Films. An experienced commercial director and documentary filmmaker (Reunion, Archaeology + Jesus, Aliens & Demons), he lives in Bellingham, WA with his wife SaraAnn and their children.

John Rhys-Davies, narrator, is a veteran actor with over 250 credits to his name, including iconic roles in the Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings film series. Raised in England, Africa, and Wales, he refined his craft at London’s renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.


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  1. David Taylor Jr
  2. Mark Farnham

    Mark Farnham


    Why do you make it so hard to find and use a product after I purchase it?

  3. Ron Watson

    Ron Watson


    Great video with a lot of information pertaining to the oldest manuscripts used to make up the bible that we have today. The presentation was edgy enough to keep things interesting but still a good degree of research is presented to affirm an intellectually viable faith in God's word. Yeah, you will see that nothing has slipped from man's ever corrupting hands but still God's word stands as an extremely close to original piece of work. On the other hand, I think that the content does sound a little blind to some of the facts presented as we near the end of the video when statements that sound like "flameless" start creeping in. If you are a Christian, this is one of the more encouraging looks at textual criticism that you will ever find. Unfortunately you do need to be a genius to find the link. Anyhow, go to "My Faithlife" and then login. From there skim down into the myriad of other videos that Faithlife is trying to sell you until you find the one that you paid for. Click on it and skim down past the trailer to the real video, in the end you'll feel like Harrison Ford looking for the Holy Grail. One positive note on Faithlife, Near the end of the video a representative from Faithlife did add a comment about inspiration of scripture which is quite rare to hear when listening to these kinds of things. May God bless you as you search to know more of Him who is able to keep you.

  4. peter boese

    peter boese


  5. Charity Koenig
  6. Carol H Wall

    Carol H Wall


    We just bought the live stream of Fragments of Truth and wanted to watch it tonight. We cannot locate it. Can you help please.?

  7. Jeff Green

    Jeff Green


  8. Trent Haymore

    Trent Haymore


    As someone who has recently taken the dive into the original biblical languages, I became very excited when I saw this title! The Church today needs to understand their past. We need to understand how we got the Scripture we have today and this documentary serves to encourage and build up the body of Christ. Christians can rely on their bibles and take joy in the rich history of the biblical tradition. Glad I bought it.

  9. Rusty Kennedy
  10. Peter



    Awesome. Great content with super production quality. An important topic made very accessible.